The Top 30 Country Songs About Feeling Guilty

Someone at must be feeling guilty about something, because they just ranked the Top 30 country songs about REGRET.

The gave the top spot to a Johnny Cash song that was actually a Sting song first.  Do you know it?  Here are the top five . . .

1.  Johnny Cash’s cover of “I Hung My Head”.  It’s about a kid who accidentally kills a guy while playing with his brother’s gun.  Sting did it in 1996.  Johnny’s version came out in 2002.

2.  “Always on My Mind” by Willie Nelson.  The whole song is an apology for falling short in a relationship.

3.  “Choices” by George Jones.  About looking back on all the things you wish you’d done different.

4.  “Just Like That” by Bonnie Raitt.  It’s the one she just won Song of the Year for at the Grammys.  It’s pretty dark, about a mom who lets a stranger in the house, and he kills her son.  But then her kid’s heart saves another kid’s life.

5.  “The Price of Regret” by Vince Gill.  About learning to live with things you regret . . . forgiving yourself . . . and forgiving other people too.

“Back to December” by Taylor Swift and “Need a Favor” by Jelly Roll also made the Top 10.

Here are a few more that made the Top 30:  “Stupid Boy” by Keith Urban . . . “I Was Wrong” by Chris Stapleton . . . “Apologize” by Luke Bryan . . . “Why” by Jason Aldean . . . “I’m Sorry” by Blake Shelton . . . and “I Should’ve Married You” by Old Dominion.

(Taste of Country)

(Do men just do more stuff they regret?  Only four songs by women made the list.  Bonnie Raitt and Taylor Swift are the first two.  The others are “What That Drink Cost Me” by Sara Evans, and “When” by Shania Twain.)