The Top 10 Everyday Irritations Include Potholes, Dog Poop, and Bad Drivers

Is feeling annoyed the new norm?  Two-thirds of people in a poll say they’re generally more annoyed now than ever before.

45% said they can’t remember the last time they went a full 24 hours without feeling irritated by something.  The average is three annoying things a day.

Here are the Top 10 everyday irritations you might encounter today . . .

1.  When someone doesn’t clean up after their dog.  Especially if you step in it.

2.  Potholes.

3.  Being stuck on hold.

4.  People who don’t use turn signals.

5.  Bad parkers who take up more than one space.

6.  You can’t remember a password.

7.  Slow walkers.  Especially when you’re in a hurry.

8.  Cyclists who hog the road.

9.  When someone COULD hold the door for you, but doesn’t.

10.  The last person in the bathroom uses up the toilet paper, and doesn’t replace the roll.

A few more that just missed the Top 10:  Your plans getting canceled at the last second . . . people on public transportation listening to music without headphones on . . . and slow drivers in the fast lane.