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Over the past 10 years, we’ve gone from having NO IDEA who was showing up at our doorstep, to being alerted that someone is walking up . . . seeing who they are and what they’re carrying . . . and even SCOLDING THEM if they’re rough with a delivery.

The next innovation in doorbell cameras is . . . devices that are ARMED TO SHOOT someone coming onto your property.  (???)

There’s apparently a Kickstarter on the way for a device called “PaintCam Eve,” which has the capability to fire PAINTBALLS at a target “with ultra-high precision”:  An intruder . . . a kid who is toilet-papering your house . . . or a neighbor’s pet.

It’s a smart device with facial recognition . . . and the paintball-firing can be triggered by YOU as you’re watching on the app . . . or it can be AUTOMATED.  What can go wrong, right?

And get this:  It doesn’t JUST shoot paintball pellets, it can also be loaded with cartridges that can unleash TEAR GAS.  (???)  Yes, seriously.

PaintCam Eve is from a start-up out of Slovenia, and there’s no word how much it’ll cost, or what the upkeep fees would be to keep it loaded.

Of course, there’s another cost:  The LAWSUIT you’re about to be hit with if PaintCam Eve shoots someone in the eye, or “accidentally” fires at an innocent visitor . . . child . . . or pet.

(New Atlas)

(For more info, you can hit up  Here’s a hype video for PaintCam Eve.)