The Newest Thing Millennials Want to Ruin: Secret Santa?

Are you doing a Secret Santa or a White Elephant thing at work this year?  If so, there’s a decent chance your millennial coworkers are ANGRY about it.

A new survey found 73% of workers between 23 and 38 contribute more than they can afford to workplace events like Secret Santa.

And 35% wish their boss would BAN them.

To be fair, 25% of ALL workers agreed with that.  So millennials aren’t the only ones trying to ban it.  But apparently they feel the effects more than older workers do.

26% of millennials said they’ve had to dip into savings or use overdraft protection to chip-in for a work-related event.  And when they do chip in, they tend to spend more than their older coworkers.

When you factor in birthday parties and things like cakes, the average millennial spends $191 a year on office celebrations, compared to $125 for everyone else.

17% of them also said they’ve felt judged for giving a cheap gift, or not chipping in more.