The Most Popular Pet Names of 2023

You might think that most dogs are called Rex or Charlie and the majority of cats out there go by Princess or Fluffy, but turns out, you’d be wrong. Similar to their human pals, pet names are subject to trends.

… recently surveyed over 50,000 names listed on their platform to determine the most popular pet names for 2023 in each U.S. state. They broke down the results along dog and cat lines, as well as gender.

… The five most popular food-inspired pet names in the nation are Pepper, Ginger, Honey, Cookie, and Peanut.

… Roughly 13 percent of cats are named after a food or drink item.

… The most popular city a dog is named after is Aspen; and the most popular city a cat is named after is Salem.

… Check out the charts here.