The Most Common Myths We Believe About Cats and Dogs

If you think you’re the best, most well-informed pet parent EVER, this might take you down a peg . . .

A poll found 92% of cat and dog owners still believe at least one common MYTH about their pet.  Here are the top myths we’re most likely to believe . . .

Dog Myth #1:  Wagging their tail ALWAYS means they’re happy.  It can also mean they’re just interested in something, or feeling extra alert.  68% believed that one.

Dog Myth #2:  A wet nose means they’re healthy.  It actually isn’t a good indicator of health, and neither is the temperature of their nose.  It could just be wet because dogs tend to lick their nose a lot.  38% believed that one.

Cat Myth #1:  Cats can see in total darkness.  They can definitely see in low light better than we can.  But they can’t see if it’s pitch black.  42% thought they could.

Cat Myth #2:  Cats always land on their feet.  41% believe that one, but it’s not always true.  If your cat is older . . . overweight . . . or not in the best health, they might not have the best reaction time anymore.