The Most Annoying Mess in the House Is . . . Those Damn Random Piles

We’re a couple weeks into spring, so how’s that spring cleaning going?  Huh?  Yeah . . . me neither.

In a new survey, 47% of people said they think there’s too much clutter in their home.  40% blame their partner . . . 22% put it on their kids . . . and 18% of people are willing to admit that THEY are to blame.

They also asked about the most annoying types of household messes . . . and regardless of whose fault it is, the most irritating is:  Those piles of random items that are sitting around everywhere.

The second most annoying is dirty plates, followed by wet towels lying around . . . used tissues that are not thrown away . . . breakfast bowls left on the table . . . and drinking glasses in the living room from the night before.

If it’s not too triggering, others include:  Clothes on the bathroom floor . . . socks left everywhere . . . cups left in random spots that get moldy . . . and empty snack bags left out.

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