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The inaugural “Florida Man Games” went down in St. Augustine, Florida on Saturday, and organizers called it a huge success.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically the Olympics for Florida crazies.

Events included a mullet contest . . . a “mud duel” with pool noodles . . . and an “evading arrest” obstacle course, where actual cops chased people down.  (Here’s a video.)

It’s not clear how many fans ultimately showed up.  But tickets cost around $50, and they were expecting over 5,000 people.  (Here’s a crowd photo.)

The best quote was from a guy named James Gordon, who won the barbecue pork and sausage speed-eating contest.  Quote, “I’ve lived in Florida my whole life.  They’re calling these ‘events,’ [but] I’m calling this [friggin’] Tuesday afternoon.”

The only real issue was no WOMEN’S divisions.  The only event for women was a “Florida MA’AM Pinup” contest.  (!!!)

One of the judges at the games was Lori Fetrick, who played “Ice” on “American Gladiators”.  She suggested they add actual events for the ladies next year, or hold a separate “Florida WOMAN Games.”

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