The Best Easter Candy of All Time Is . . . Definitely Not Bunny Corn

If you have kids of a certain age . . . or a sugar addiction . . . you’re probably going out on a CANDY RUN or two this weekend.

There’s a ranking online of the best Easter candy of all time, and thousands of people weighed in.  Here are the Top 10:

1.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

2.  Cadbury Mini Eggs

3.  Chocolate Lindt Gold Bunny

4.  Easter Pastel M&Ms

5.  Cadbury Crème Egg

6.  Cadbury Caramel Egg

7.  Hershey’s Solid Milk Chocolate Eggs

8.  Whoppers Robin Eggs

9.  Jelly Bellys . . . (“Regular” jelly beans are 15th.)

10.  Hershey’s Easter Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny

Overall, 24 Easter candies were ranked, and coming in dead last is:  BUNNY CORN, which isn’t surprising.  If you’re unfamiliar, that’s the Easter version of Halloween candy corn.

Brach’s “Bunny Basket Eggs” are second-last, followed by Brach’s “Chicks and Rabbits.”  Both of those are marshmallow candies.

(You can find the complete ranking, here.)

Speaking of Easter candy, Instacart has a map of the top-selling Easter candies across the country, and in most of America, Reese’s Eggs or Cups are #1.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate is bigger in the Southwestern part of the country . . . California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, plus North Dakota.  And Cadbury Milk Chocolate is #1 in Alaska and Washington, D.C.  (DoorDash also has a mapof Easter candy popularity, and it’s similar.)