The Average Person Makes Three Compromises Every Day

Does it feel like you spend the whole day making COMPROMISES?  If so, you may have kids . . . a pet . . . or a stubborn partner.

According to new data, the average person makes THREE compromises every day, which is about 92 per month . . . or 1,095 per year.

And this is a strange stat . . . 44% of cat owners say it’s easier to compromise with their cats than with the adults in their lives.

Not surprisingly, it sounds like the CAT usually gets the better end of the deal.  67% of cat owners say “there’s nothing I won’t sacrifice for my pet.”

But compromise IS important.  44% of people have even ended a romantic or platonic relationship over a lack of compromise.  (They didn’t ask how many people put their CAT up for adoption due to a lack of compromise.)  (???)