The Average Person Experiences 140 Moments of “Phone Peril” a Year

I wonder how often parents get worried or paranoid about their kids.  And is it more or less often than this?

A new poll found the average person experiences 140 moments of “PHONE PERIL” a year . . . where you panic about your phone for one reason or another.

The top things that cause it include dropping your phone on the ground, and thinking you left it somewhere.

140 times a year is 2.7 times a week.  It’s even higher for young people.  Gen Zers have 187 moments of phone peril a year, or 3.6 times a week.

The average American has had their current phone for just over two years.  And LOTS of us are using a phone that’s partially broken in some way.

24% of us have a cracked screen . . . 21% have battery issues . . . and 15% have a phone that seems to overheat a lot.