The Average Dirty Dish Sits in the Sink for a Day and a Half

Are you someone who does their dishes right away?  Or do you leave them in the sink to soak WAY longer than they need to?  The average dirty dish sits in the sink for a DAY AND A HALF, according to a new survey.

That’s even though 70% of people polled said they have a dishwasher.

One demographic really caused that average to shoot up though . . . and it’s young people.  Most people over 25 said more than a day is too long.  But half of Gen Zers said anywhere between one and FOUR days is acceptable.

The poll also asked people how they load their dishwasher, and which things go on the top and bottom racks.

Here’s the consensus . . .

The things we’re most likely to put on the bottom rack are plates, pots-and-pans, and utensils in their little basket.  And on the top rack, it’s coffee mugs, glasses, travel mugs, and plasticware.  Bowls could be top or bottom, depending.

One more random stat:

The average American has five things sitting in their FREEZER right now that they haven’t touched since the start of 2022.