Good News: Dog Proms, Lottery Mistakes, and “The Impact of Teachers”

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Happy National Pet Day!  There’s a place in Nashville called Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary that takes in senior dogs that have medical issues.  It opened in 2012, and it’s completely funded by donations.

Senior year is your 12th year in school.  So for their 12th anniversary this month, they threw the dogs a senior PROM and called it the Geezer Gala.  Employees and donors dressed up for it, and so did the dogs.  They even elected a prom king and queen.  (Here are some photos from it.)

2.  A guy in Maryland heard his local 7-Eleven sold two Powerball tickets worth $1 million each, and it turned out they both belonged to him.  He bought two tickets with the same numbers by mistake, and didn’t realize.

He called his wife after he scanned the first one, and they both cried.  Then he had to call her back and let her know they just won a million dollars AGAIN.

3.  A retired science teacher in Rochester, New York is in the news after 100 of his former students showed up to watch the eclipse with him on Monday.

His name is Patrick Moriarty.  Starting in 1978, he told his students he’d throw a big viewing party for the eclipse in 2024, and they were all invited.

He made good on the promise this week, had glasses for everyone, and the whole thing was catered.  He says it ended up being less about the eclipse for him, and more about something bigger.

Quote, “It’s about the sharing.  It’s about the impact of teachers.  It’s about so much more.”  (Here’s a video.)