The Average American Kid Gets Bored in Only 33 Minutes

Do you have a grandparent who has a LOT of opinions about “screen time” . . . until it’s THEIR turn to try to entertain the kids?

New research shows that the average American kid gets bored in just 33 MINUTES.  Which actually seems HIGH.

(I know parents who would commit a felony to have their kids entertained for 33 minutes at a time.)

Here are some other stats from the study:

1.  40% parents “always” or “often” struggle keeping their kids entertained, and 35% of parents say they can feel “stressed” finding new ideas for their kids.

2.  The average kid reportedly spends 13 hours in front of a screen per week.  That breaks down to about 1 hour and 51 minutes per day.

3.  81% of parents say their children prefer hands-on activities away from the screen . . . like arts and crafts, playing outside, reading books, “sensory play,” and playing games with siblings and friends.