As you obviously know by now, the Houston Astros won the World Series on Saturday, by beating the Philadelphia Phillies 4 to 1 in Game 6.

What you may not know is that a major record was set that had NOTHING to do with the action on the field.

Houston furniture tycoon Jim McIngvale . . . better known as Mattress Mack. . . bet a total of $10 MILLION on the Astros to win the series.  And because they did, he pocketed a record $75 MILLION.

He placed several different bets, but the biggest one was at Caesars, where the payout was $30 MILLION . . . which Caesars called, quote, “the biggest check in sports betting history.”

It’s not clear if any of that cash will end up in Mack’s own pockets, but it’s part of his classic “If the Astros win, you win” promotion, where he uses his winnings to give out massive deals to customers.

(CBS Sports)