The 10 Unhealthiest Drinks Include a Few Surprises

The site “Eat This, Not That” ranked the “25 Unhealthiest Drinks on the Planet” . . . and somehow, turpentine didn’t make the list.  (???)  They ranked them based on how much sugar they have.  And you might be drinking a few of these because you THINK you’re being healthy.  Including #1 . . .

1.  Naked Mighty Mango Juice, 57 grams of sugar.  It’s one of those “healthy” looking juices in the produce section.  But it’s not really that healthy.

2.  Naked Blue Machine Juice, 55 grams.  Same company, slightly less sugar.

3.  Monster Energy Drink, 54 grams.

4.  AriZona Sweet Tea, 53 grams.

5.  Naked Green Machine, 53 grams.

6.  Starbucks Frappucino, 47 grams.  The kind in the wide-mouth glass bottle.

7.  Mountain Dew, 46 grams.

8.  Welch’s Grape Juice, 44 grams.  Be careful with fruit juice in general.

9.  Barq’s Root Beer, 44 grams.

10.  AriZona Green Tea, 42 grams.  That’s 11 grams less than their sweet tea, but it’s still a lot.  Pepsi is next at 41 grams.

(To be fair, that’s a 20-ounce bottle of AriZona Green Tea, compared to a 12-ounce can of Pepsi.)

A few more you might not realize have a ton of sugar:  Vitaminwater . . . V8 Splash . . . ginger ale . . . and tonic water has almost as much sugar per ounce as Yoo-hoo.