The 10 Best Things About Being a Parent

84% of parents say having kids was the greatest thing to ever happen to them.  That’s according to a survey of people with kids under 13.  (We’ll see if any of them reconsider once they’re parenting TEENAGERS.)

According to the poll, here are the 10 best things about being a parent . . .

1.  Holding, hugging, and cuddling them.  Especially when they’re young.  (As opposed to holding your 17-year-old.  They hate that.)

2.  Watching their personalities develop.

3.  Laughing at them.

4.  The random stuff they say.

5.  Having new experiences with them for the first time.

6.  They make you appreciate the little things in life.

7.  Reliving the magic of Christmas.

8.  Teaching them stuff, and watching them do it.

9.  All the weird questions they ask.

10.  Birthdays.

Here are a few more from the top 25:  Having an excuse to watch Pixar movies . . . reading them bedtime stories . . . fixing a minor problem, and they think you’re a hero . . . it makes you appreciate your own parents more . . . and buying them toys that you secretly want to play with yourself.

The poll also asked parents to name the most important qualities of a “good” parent.  The top three are patience, love, and being ready for anything.

Don’t expect to be perfect though, especially your first time out.  72% of people who have more than one kid said they were a better parent the second time around.

(The Sun)