Spring Has Sprung! Here Are Five Tips for Allergy Season

Everyone’s excited spring is here . . . except people with ALLERGIES.  So here are a few quick tips from experts that can help a lot during allergy season . . .

1.  Get an air purifier.  Or if you already have one, check the air filter and see if it’s time to change it.

2.  Always shower before bed.  People don’t realize how much pollen collects on their skin and clothes.  In general, you also might want to wash your sheets more often this time of year.

3.  Buy some local honey.  It can help you build up a tolerance to local pollen.  Just put some in your tea, or on cereal.

4.  Track the pollen count.  Spend more time indoors when it’s high, and think about joining a gym instead of jogging outside.  Most of the big weather apps track the pollen count now.

5.  Wear sunglasses.  They can block some of the pollen from hitting your eyeballs.  The kind that wrap around your face work best.

(Study Finds)