Signs You’re Turning Into Your Mom

Is there any greater fear than that of turning into your parents? Especially after you become a parent? If you’re 32 or older, bad news. You’re already there. According to a new survey, 32 is the age when moms turn into their mother.

Not sure if you’re there yet? The signs:

• You tell the kids you won’t buy them candy because money doesn’t grow on trees.

• You can’t name a single one of the songs your kids listen to; you just want them to TURN THAT RACKET DOWN.

• You’ve found yourself running through the names of all your kids, pets, etc., before you actually get to the name of the kid you’re speaking to.

• You see uneaten food on dinner plates as an affront to starving children in a third world country (and mention this daily).

• You have no less than 12 responses to “it isn’t fair.”

• You caved and put the “proud parent of” bumper sticker on your car.

• You don’t have to use words to communicate with your kids. You just give them “the look.”