Are you a “planner” or a “procrastinator”?  This might be shocking to people who put stuff off, but you’re just making things harder on yourself . . .

Researchers talked to 2,000 people who described themselves as planners or procrastinators.  And they found planners tend to be happier, healthier, and less stressed.  AND they have more money.  Here are a few quick stats . . .

1.  Planners are more likely to do big things early.  Like taxes and shopping for the holidays.  And they’re also less stressed WHILE doing those things.

2.  Planners have more free time.  52% said they have a good social life, and 44% have enough time to themselves.  Each of those are 13 points higher than procrastinators.

3.  Planners tend to have a healthier family dynamic.  79% said their relationships are strong.  Only 65% of procrastinators agree.

4.  Planners are more likely to feel confident, 68% vs. 49% . . . and more likely to be financially secure, 49% vs. 33%.

5.  Planners tend to feel more respected and admired.  Over 90% said their friends, kids, and coworkers respect them.  For procrastinators, it’s around 80%.

But here’s some good news for people who put stuff off:  You CAN change.  Over half of people in the study said their habits have shifted as they’ve gotten older.  And 77% of those people got BETTER at planning ahead, not worse.