Seven Concert Etiquette Questions, Including “Is Throwing Stuff on Stage Okay?”

Throwing stuff at artists on stage has been a big issue recently.  So is throwing stuff on stage ALWAYS inappropriate?

BuzzFeed is running a new poll on concert etiquette, and people are still voting.  But last we checked, one in five people think throwing stuff on stage is FINE.  (Hopefully most of them are thinking of stuff like bras, not PHONES.)

Here are seven more concert etiquette questions, and how people answered . . .

1.  Is it okay to shout something funny at the artist?  Only 23% say yes.

2.  Is it okay to try to touch the performer’s hand?  58% say no.  (But if they’re reaching out to high-five people, what’s the problem?)

3.  Is it okay to bring a huge poster you made and hold it up?  32% say yes . . . 68% say no, because you’ll block people’s view.

4.  Is it okay to sing along at the top of your lungs?  We’re split on that one:  48% say it’s fine . . . 52% wish you’d shut up so they can hear the ACTUAL singer.

5.  If you need to use the bathroom or get a drink, is it okay to climb over other people’s seats to get out?  Only 14% think that’s acceptable.

6.  Is it okay to film entire songs on your phone?  53% say no, don’t do that.  47% say it’s fine.  Half of them say go ahead and film the whole concert if you want.

7.  If it’s an in-demand tour like Taylor Swift’s, is it okay to go to multiple concerts on different days?  31% say no, give someone else a chance to go.