Restaurant Etiquette: Half of America Would Ask to Be Seated Near an Outlet to Plug in Their Phone?

Some of us don’t think people should have their phones out while eating.  But others think it’s fine to have them out on the table, charging, at a restaurant?

There’s a big new survey out on acceptable and unacceptable behaviors at restaurants . . . and some of the results are surprising.  Here are the highlights, ranked from most- to least-acceptable behaviors.

1.  Asking for a to-go container to take leftovers home.  93% say that’s acceptable, 3% say it’s unacceptable.

2.  Sending back a dish that wasn’t made as specified.  84% say that’s acceptable, 7% say it’s not.

3.  Taking photos of their food.  75% say it’s acceptable, 13% say it’s not.

4.  Asking to be seated before their entire party arrives.  69% say it’s acceptable, 13% say it’s not.

5.  Asking for a table near a power outlet to charge their devices.  51% say it’s acceptable, 29% say it’s not.  20% are “not sure.”

6.  Taking an “extended period of time” to decide what to order.  48% say it’s acceptable.  34% say it’s not.  (It’s unclear if you get bonus time at places like the Cheesecake Factory, where the menu is a BOOK.)

7.  Flirting with the staff.  23% say it’s acceptable.  57% say it’s not.  And 20% “aren’t sure” whether it’s cool to openly flirt with  the staff these days.  (???)

8.  Bringing outside food or drinks into the restaurant.  14% say it’s acceptable.  71% say it’s not.

9.  Snapping their fingers to get the waiter’s attention.  11% say it’s acceptable. 81% say it’s not.

10.  Debating menu prices with the staff.  8% say it’s acceptable.  84% say it’s not.

11.  Allowing their children to roam freely.  5% say it’s acceptable.  90% say it’s not.  5% are “not sure” if anyone cares that their kids are running around.

12.  Saying they won’t pay for a dish they didn’t like . . . but ate.  4% say it’s acceptable.  90% say it’s not.  And 6% are “not sure.”