PetSmart Wants to Cover Your Worst Tattoos . . . with New Ink of Your Pet

If you have tattoos that are over a decade old . . . you MIGHT have a tattoo that you regret.  A survey says 49% of people have a tattoo they don’t like, or know someone who does.

PetSmart announced a new contest, where five lucky winners will win a FREE tattoo.  The idea is that you are covering up an old tattoo that you now regret with a new tattoo . . . of your beloved pet.

It’s called “Tattoo Redo” . . . and they’ll fly you to L.A. for two nights, and cover your session with a tattoo artist.  You won’t be able to get a full-back tattoo . . . it’s gotta be a small one that can be done in one sitting, costing $2,500 or less.

To apply, go to, and send in a photo of your old tat AND the pet that will inspire your new ink.

If you already have a tattoo of your pet, you can share a photo of it, and they’ll give you top-tier status in their loyalty rewards program.

(You can find the official contest rules, here.)

(PR Newswire)