People Are Sharing Their Red Flags When Looking for a Job

There’s nothing worse than being on Day 10 of a new job and thinking, “This is a BAD situation” . . .

Fortunately, some issues can be spotted BEFORE you accept the gig.  People on social media are talking about the red flags they’ve noticed while LOOKING for a job.  Here are a few highlights:

1.  Any use of the term “rock star.”

2.  “Fast-paced environment” . . . The person explained, “That usually means absolute chaos with no one in charge.”

3.  “Salary to be discussed” . . . “Every single job I’ve gone for where the salary wasn’t disclosed up front in the interview was severely underpaid.”

4.  “Urgently hiring multiple candidates.”

5.  “Unique challenges” . . . usually means “constant train-wreck.”

6.  “Must have a bubbly personality.”

7.  “Entry level” position . . . requiring “three to five years of experience.”

8.  Being told during an interview that they’re not looking for people who “only come to work for a paycheck,” because “we’re a team.”

9.  Extremely short or empty job descriptions . . . “You’ll wear lots of hats!”

10.  And being hired on the spot may SEEM exciting, but it can be a red flag.  If you’re essentially hired in the first few minutes they speak to you, that could be a sign of high turnover.  Or worse.