Our Top Three Late-Night Snacks Are Cookies, Ice Cream, and Chips

Are you a late-night snacker?  According to this, a whole lot of us have crumbs in our bed right now . . .

A recent study found 60% of Americans regularly eat after 9:00 p.m., but that includes late dinners.  In a new survey, 30% also described themselves as “late-night snackers.”

Bed is the preferred late-night snacking location for 44% of us, especially if you’re young.  58% of adults under 25 said it’s #1.

Here are a few more stats from the poll . . .

1.  The top reasons we snack include hunger, and sometimes we’re just bored.

2.  66% of us usually snack alone.  So late-night snacking is mostly a solo activity.

3.   Two-thirds also said they normally watch something while they eat.  Most said TV, but that also includes things like YouTube and TikTok.

4.  Sweet stuff is more popular than salty.  80% said they usually reach for something sweet.  Just 20% said salty snacks.

5.  Our top three favorite midnight snacks are cookies, ice cream, and chips.  (Kellanova)