Our Top Minor “Mishaps” Include Texting the Wrong Person and Trying to Unlock the Wrong Car

When you do something embarrassing, who’s the first person you tell?  A new poll on minor “mishaps” found our significant other is the most likely to hear about it first.  Then it’s a family member or friend.

The average person has 84 minor mishaps a year, according to the survey.  That’s one every four or five days.  And 87% say they’re usually unavoidable.

People were asked to rank the top ones they’ve experienced.  And TEXTING THE WRONG PERSON got the most votes.  So if you’ve ever done that, you’re not alone.  Here are a few more of the most common everyday mishaps . . .

1.  Saying hi to someone you thought you knew, but it was a total stranger.

2.  Getting on the wrong train or bus.

3.  Laundry mistakes, like shrinking stuff or turning it a different color.

4.  Your phone going off in a place where it should have been on silent.

5.  Trying to unlock your car, and then realizing it’s NOT your car.

6.  Forgetting to cancel a subscription you never use, so it renews again.

7.  Being a no-show for something, because you forgot you made plans.

8.  Sitting on the remote and changing the channel with your butt.

9.  Accidentally blasting music because your headphones weren’t paired.

10.  Following your GPS, then realizing you punched in the wrong destination.

(Study Finds)