One in Three Americans Will Fill Out a March Madness Bracket This Year

There are people who follow college basketball year-round . . . and then there are people who really just care about it THIS WEEK.

March Madness brackets are being passed around, and if you want to fill one out this year, you need to get on it . . . because the First Round starts tomorrow.

In a new poll, 30% of Americans say they plan on doing a bracket this year . . . and more than half of them will put some money on it.

Many of the people putting money on brackets are doing it as a random office pool.  Another poll asked if people considered this type of thing “gambling,” and 51% of people said they DO.  25% say they don’t, and 24% aren’t sure.

About one in three Americans say they plan to follow NCAA March Madness this year.  It’s unclear how many of them are in for the long haul . . . and how many will drop out as soon as their brackets bust.