One in Five People Don’t Think They Fit in With Their Own Generation

Were you born in the wrong decade?  A new poll found one in five Americans don’t think they fit in with their own generation.

19% of us think we have little or nothing in common with people our own age, and fit in better with people who are younger or older than us.  Here’s a quick breakdown . . .

1.  Gen Z:  17% of people under 30 think they fit in best with people over 60.  (???)  That includes 6% who feel like Boomers at heart . . . 4% who said the “Silent Generation,” or people born in the ’30s to early ’40s . . . and 7% said “Greatest Generation,” the people who won World War Two for us.

(Or, hear me out:  Did those 7% maybe just see “Greatest” as an option . . . not know what it meant . . . and think, “yep, that’s me”?)

2.  Millennials:  Again, 17% said one of those three older generations fits them best.  Another 21% feel like they’re really more Gen X.

3.  Gen X:  You’re more likely than Millennials or Gen Z’ers to think you DO fit your generation.  Still, 6% think they’re more like Millennials, and 3% said Gen Z.

4.  Baby Boomers:  The least likely to think they belong in another generation.  If anything, you might feel like you fit in better with your parents’ friends.

That said, 1% of people over 65 think they’re running with the wrong crowd and would fit in much better with Gen Z.

(YouGov / YouGov)