Okay, Planeteers: Would You Rather Control: Earth, Fire, Air, or Water?

Boomers and Gen Z get a lot of attention in surveys these days, but here’s one that will hit home with the ’90s kids, who were fans of Captain Planet and the Planeteers!

If YOU could control one of the elements . . . earth, fire, wind, or water . . . which would you choose?

A recent poll asked this question for some reason . . . and there was no consensus.  25% of people said “water” . . . 21% said “earth” . . . 17% said wind or “air” . . . and 14% said “fire.”  Let’s face it:  They’re ALL cool.

Unfortunately, “heart” was not an option . . . but 22% of people did answer “not sure.”  (It’s unclear if that was a protest vote for their being no “heart” . . . or if people were genuinely baffled by the question.)

Men were more likely to say they wish they could control WIND, while women were more likely to say they’re “not sure” how to answer.