Now TikTok Has Kids Wearing Seatbelts Around Their Ankles?

Not sure if this is dumber than eating Tide Pods, but it’s close . . .

The latest TikTok trend has people on airplanes wearing their seatbelts around their ANKLES.  (???)

It’s supposed to be a comfort thing.  You pull your knees into your chest and put your feet on the seat.  Then you strap your seatbelt around your ankles to make sure they don’t slide off.  (Here’s a video.)

If you’re over the age of 25, you’re probably thinking, “I’m not that bendy.”  And yes, it’s mostly a young person thing.  They claim it’s comfortable, and a good way to change positions on a long flight.

Anyone who’s not totally dense knows seatbelts don’t work like that.  If you hit some rough air, your head is in the ceiling.

A flight attendant commented on one video and said planes hit major turbulence more often than you think.

(Fox News)