New Parenting Trend: Kids Pooping Outside

We thought maybe this was a joke at first.  But apparently it really is a thing?

Someone sent a letter to’s “parenting advice” column . . . asking why parents are now encouraging little kids to POOP OUTSIDE.  (???)

They said they keep seeing it at public parks and playgrounds.  But no, they’re not just going on the ground.

They said parents are bringing, quote, “little portable toilet bowls for their children to use.  They set them up under trees, within feet of playgrounds and picnic areas” so their kids can use them instead of public restrooms.

They said it seems kind of gross, because there’s no sink.  Then they just go back to the playground and spread germs everywhere.

So is this something that’s actually common these days?  According to the writer, YES . . . and he actually SHAMED the person for complaining.

He claims it’s “always been a thing.”  He thinks it might just be more common now, because more parents started doing it when COVID hit and public bathrooms were closed.

He said parents don’t care if they’re making random childless people uncomfortable.  Adding, quote, “It seems like the people who take issue with this are the same ones who have problems with moms breastfeeding in public.”