Source: YouTube

1.  “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire”  (PG-13)  Trailer

Paul Rudd, Finn Wolfhard, and McKenna Grace reunite with OG ghostbusters Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson, and Dan Aykroyd.  Finn and McKenna play the grandkids of Harold Ramis’ character Egon Spengler.  Harold passed away ten years ago.

In this one, the Spenglers move from their Oklahoma farmhouse back to the New York City firehouse where it all started.  But when an evil spirit escapes from an ancient artifact, the team has to save the world from a ghost army and a second Ice Age.

It’s fifth movie in the franchise and the first since original director Ivan Reitman passed in 2022. His son Jason Reitman co-wrote the script with the new director Gil Kenan.

The rest of the cast includes William Atherton and Annie Potts from the original movie, plus new characters played by Patton Oswalt and Kumail Nanjiani.

2.  “Immaculate”  (R)  Trailer

A horror movie starring Sydney Sweeney as an American nun who travels to a remote convent in the Italian countryside, where she suddenly finds herself suspiciously pregnant while being told that she’s fulfilling some sort of biblical prophecy.

3.  “The Boy and the Heron” returns to theaters.  (PG-13)  Trailer

This is the re-release of last year’s Studio Gibli movie about a boy who moves to the countryside after his mother’s death during World War II and then enters a fantasy world with a talking grey heron.  It just won the Oscar for Best Animated Picture.

4.  And now, some limited releases you may or may not care about:

“Sleeping Dogs”, a crime thriller starring Russell Crowe as a former homicide detective with dementia.  After revisiting an old case, he suspects he sent the wrong guy to prison, and becomes determined to make it right before the guy is executed.  (Trailer)

“You Can Call Me Bill”, a documentary about the life and career of William Shatner that was entirely financed by fans.  It was through a Legion M program that allowed people to own a stake in the film for as little as $100.  (Trailer)

“Limbo”, starring Simon Baker as a detective investigating a 20-year-old unsolved murder of a young indigenous girl in the Australian outback.  (Trailer)