National Eat What You Want Day! Which of These Foods Would You Choose?

It’s National Eat What You Want Day . . . which sounds like a holiday someone made up to get us to eat more bacon.  A recent poll found that if we didn’t have to worry about our health, the top foods we’d eat more often are pizza, pasta, burgers, and ice cream.

This poll is even more fun though:  Someone matched up different foods, and had people vote for one or the other.  Over 50,000 people weighed in.  Here are ten choices.  Which one would YOU want to eat?

1.  Sandwich or burger?  60% said burger.

2.  Pizza or French fries?  We thought it would be closer, but 63% said pizza.

3.  Pepperoni pizza or plain cheese?  A TIE with 50% each.

4.  Waffles or pancakes?  The debate over which is better still isn’t settled.  Another 50/50 tie.

5.  Cake or cupcakes?  53% said cake.

6.  Tacos or hot dogs?  77% said tacos.

7.  Apples or oranges?  65% said apples.

8.  Broccoli or cauliflower?  There ARE some die-hard cauliflower fans out there, but 78% said broccoli.

9.  Ice cream or popsicles?  87% would go with ice cream.

10.  Vanilla ice cream or chocolate?  Don’t underestimate the draw of vanilla ice cream.  53% said vanilla, and 47% said chocolate.

(National Today / BuzzFeed)