National Barbecue Day! 92% of Us Are Looking Forward to Grilling Season

Happy National Barbecue Day!  It’s always May 16th, but no one seems to know why.  May has been National Barbecue MONTH since 1981 though, so they had to fit it in somewhere.  (Our guess is it’s to help stores sell as many new grills as possible in the lead-up to Memorial Day.)

A new poll found 92% of Americans look forward to grilling season.  84% of us hope we do it even more than we did last year.  Here are a few more quick stats and facts for National Barbecue Day . . .

1.  Most Americans think they could get a grill started.  83% say they could successfully get a charcoal grill going.  73% said the same about propane grills.

2.  Our favorite things to cook on a grill, in order, are burgers, chicken, hot dogs, and steak.  At least 50% of Americans said they’d be fine eating any of those.

3.  Our five favorite burger toppings, in order, are:  Cheese, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.  Pickles, mustard, and bacon also made the top ten.

4.  Do you say “barbecue” or “cookout”?  It might depend on where you grew up.  People from the South and Northeast are a little more likely to say “cookout.”  People out West and in the Midwest are more likely to say “barbecue.”

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