Nasty Foods Actors Had to Eat While Filming

BuzzFeed put together a list of some of the nastiest foods actors have had to eat while filming.  So the next time you have to eat your sister-in-law’s cooking, just pretend you’re one of these actors.

Here are some highlights:

1.  “Night of the Living Dead” (1968):  The “human remains” that zombies feasted on were ham and sheep organs doused in chocolate syrup.

2.  “Game of Thrones” Season One (2011):  Emilia Clarke eats a “stallion heart” that’s actually solidified jam that tasted like “bleach and raw pasta”.  She had to eat about 28 of them, so she required a spit bucket.

3.  “Vampire’s Kiss” (1988):  Nicolas Cage ate a cockroach and washed it down with whiskey.

4.  “Batman Returns” (1992):  Danny DeVito ate raw bluefish with a mix of mouthwash and spirulina, which is a type of algae.

5.  “Rescue Dawn” (2006):  Christian Bale ate REAL maggots.

6.  “Spawn” (1997):  John Leguizamo also ate REAL maggots, but these were on top of pizza.  (As if that’s any better???)

7.  “The Revenant” (2015):  Leonardo DiCaprio ate raw bison liver.

8.  “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968):  Vegetarian Mia Farrow also ate raw liver, but it wasn’t bison.

9.  “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” (2003):  During Andy Serkis’ transformation from Smeagol to Gollum, the fish he eats is actually gelatin.  Andy says he would’ve preferred raw fish.

10.  “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” (1977):  The blue milk Mark Hamill drank was dyed blue milk, but it was “warm, oily, and sickly sweet”.  He describes it as “gag-inducing”.

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