Mother’s Day Quick Hits: Deals, Get Mom in Your Photos, and the Time Moms Dedicate to Kids’ Activities

Here’s a fun rundown of the most interesting Mother’s Day stuff that’s trending online:

1.  You can do something special for mom, even if you can’t swing a pricey present or a fancy dinner out right now.  In a poll, 73% of Americans say that moms get excited about any gift, regardless of the price.

They do have to be thoughtful, though.  You can’t just get mom a prank gift . . . like toilet paper . . . and expect her to be fine with it.  (In the poll, the worst gifts mothers have received are toilet paper and “a raccoon.”)  (???)

2.  If you’re celebrating with family and friends, make sure you actually get mom IN the photos.  There’s a story where mothers talk about how they’re usually the ones taking the photo . . . or they don’t get copies of the ones featuring them.

66% of moms say they’re in less than half of the family photos on their camera rolls.  And 26% say they’re in none at all.

3.  For all the kids (and dads) out there:  It’s easier to remember the big favors mom does for you, or the things she buys for you.  But don’t forget about all the small things that she does to let you do what YOU want to do.

A new report says, on average, moms dedicate five hours and 20 minutes per week supporting their kids’ extracurricular activities.  And 14% of mothers spend a whopping 10 hours or more a week.

40% of mothers say they get up at 5:00 A.M. or earlier, specifically to have the time to take their kid(s) to a sporting event or activity.

4.  There’s a study on the best and worst states for working moms, considering stuff like day-care systems, child-care costs, and gender pay gaps.  The top three are in the Northeast:  Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.  The bottom three are in the South:  Louisiana, South Carolina, and Alabama.

5. posted a huge list of Mother’s Day food deals.