Laundry Advice: We’re All Washing Our Clothes Too Much

Hate doing laundry?  Just do less of it!  You’re probably washing your clothes too much anyway.  According to some laundry “experts,” a lot of us need to dial it back.  If it passes the smell test, you may not need to toss it in your hamper.

Here are different types of clothes and how often to wash them . . .

1.  Things you should only wear once:  Socks . . . underwear . . . undershirts . . . anything with visible dirt on it . . . and anything that gets really sweaty, like workout clothes.  In general, the closer something is to your skin, the more often it needs to be cleaned.  Otherwise, it can cause skin issues.

2.  Things you can wear a few times.  Pants, sweaters, blouses, bras, and pajamas usually don’t need to be washed that much.  Every three to four wears is usually fine.

3.  Things you can wear a bunch of times.  The big one is JEANS.  Some experts say every 10 wears or more is okay . . . unless you go COMMANDO.  If that’s the case, wash them every time.

Other things you hardly ever need to wash:  Outerwear like coats and jackets, and any dress clothes you don’t wear often.  Too many washes will just ruin the fabric.  (BuzzFeed)

(Reminder:  You’re probably using too much detergent too.)