It’s Singles Awareness Day! Are You “Single and Loving It”?

We just had the biggest day of the year for couples.  But today is SINGLES AWARENESS DAY!  Compared to Valentine’s Day, it’s . . . less of a thing.  But it’s still a thing!

It’s supposed to celebrate all you single people out there.  The fact that the initials spell out the word “SAD” kinda seems like a twist of the knife though.

This won’t help either:  A poll for it asked single people if they agree with the statement, “I’m single and LOVING IT!”  Only 10% said yes.  (As a married person, I think you singles are VERY ungrateful for what you still have!)

Google also posted some stats for it . . .

1.  Searches for “speed dating” are at a five-year high.  It always spikes in February, so Valentine’s Day plays a big role too.

2.  Searches are up 600% this week for the new dating app “Score” that requires you to have a credit score of at least 675.  So a lot of people are into that idea.

3.  Other top-trending dating app searches this month include “apps for serious relationships,” “dating apps for gamers,” and “dating apps for old people.”

4.  The top “for singles” searches this week are “Valentine’s captions for singles” and the “best meal kits for singles.”

5.  Maryland and Georgia have been searching for “singles nights” more than any other state.

6.  The top “things to do alone” searches this week have been for movies, concerts, parks, spas, and museums.

7.  This one’s kinda weird:  They looked at two different searches, and which one each state googles more:  “How to be single” or “How to be in a relationship.”

For some reason, “How to be in a relationship” is more popular across the South.  And “How to be single” is more popular in northern states.  (Here’s the map.)

(National Today / Google Trends)