Important Pieces of “Sidewalk Etiquette” . . . According to New Yorkers

What’s your biggest SIDEWALK PET PEEVE?  Not to be confused with PET PEE, which is mine.

The website Gothamist asked New Yorkers to submit their suggestions for “sidewalk etiquette” we ALL should follow.  They got more than 400 people to weigh in, and here are some of the most common responses:

1.  Keep to the right.  Just like you’re driving . . . in America, at least . . . stay on the right side to allow for people to walk the opposite direction on your left.

2.  Move quickly and never stop.  Busy sidewalks operate like highways, and if you’re not walking forward at a normal pace with your head up, step aside.

3.  Zero hate for seniors.  There’s a hierarchy on the sidewalks, and SENIORS get the highest priority.  Dog walkers are also up there, assuming they’re actually walking.  Tourists and business people on-the-move are next.

The groups with the lowest priority, who control their own destiny are:  Parents with kids (or are pushing strollers) . . . teenagers . . . joggers . . . and people riding things like e-bikes or scooters.

4.  Three is a crowd.  If you’re walking with a group, especially on a narrow sidewalk, walk TWO WIDE or single file.  If you are three or more, and you’re arm-to-arm . . . it’s cool for people to play Red Rover, and walk between you.

5.  Don’t spit.  This seems obvious, but there’s no spitting on the sidewalk . . . especially in a city.  It’s disgusting, and you never know where (or on whom) it’ll land.