If You Buy Produce at Walmart, They Owe You Money

Walmart isn’t exactly a world-renowned farmer’s market, but if it’s YOUR go-to place for fresh fruits and vegetables, they owe you money.

Walmart recently agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging they’d charged customers more than they should have for weighted goods . . . including packed poultry, pork, and seafood . . . and bagged citrus items.

They’re shelling out $45 MILLION to people who made fresh purchases from October of 2018 to this past January, which covers FIVE YEARS.  To get your piece of that, you can file a claim online.

Unfortunately, each person’s share will be small.  If you bought 50 or fewer qualifying items, you can get $10.  If you bought 51 to 75, you can get $15 . . . 76 to 100 gets you $20 . . . and 101 or more entitles you to $25.

You can get more if you actually kept your receipts.  In that case, they’ll give you 2% back on the cost of the weighted goods.  But you’d have to be a BIG shopper.

Even if you have receipts for $5,000 in fresh fruits and vegetables over the past five years, that would still only be $100.  The MOST you can get is $500.

The deadline to submit a claim is June 5th.

(Food & Wine)

(For more information, hit up this link.  And you can file a claim, here.)