Hurricane Dorian has been lashing the East Coast after parking itself over the Bahamas this week.  And we’ve seen a few really inspiring stories about people stepping up to help . . .

A guy in Jacksonville went to Costco on Wednesday to get a generator.  And while he was there, he saw another guy buying over a HUNDRED generators to send to the Bahamas.  Each one cost $450.  So we’re talking at least 45 grand.

Turns out the money came from a fundraiser called “Errol Thurston Bahamas Hurricane Relief.”  If you want to donate, just search for it on  (Here are photos.)

And in South Carolina, a six-year-old named Jermaine Bell was supposed to go to Disney World for his birthday.  But now he’s using the money to help hurricane victims instead.

He bought a bunch of hot dogs and snacks.  Then he set up a stand on the side of the road and gave out FREE FOOD to people who were evacuating.

He said he just wanted to lift their spirits a little and make sure they had something to eat.  Adding that his philosophy is, quote, “Live to give.”

(News4Jax / NY Post)