How the Mayans Get Kids to Voluntarily Do Chores . . . And Two Tips to Getting Your Kids to Do ‘Em Too

The Mayans may not have predicted the apocalypse, but I’m pretty sure if I saw this in my house, I’d think the end of times was near.  Apparently, in the modern Maya society in Mexico, kids voluntarily do chores.

According to a reporter who specializes in parenting, the key is bringing kids in on chores at an early age, always doing chores with the kids helping or watching, empowering them to join in, and playing off kids’ desire deep down to be helpful.

So how can you do that with YOUR kids who . . . um . . . maybe don’t quite sound like they’d be so into all of that?

Here are two tips:

1.  Don’t do chores while the kids play.  Do you let your kids watch TV so you can be more efficient doing laundry or cleaning?  Don’t.  Make the chores a team effort, even if it slows you down.  Think of it as family bonding time.

2.  Let your kid help, even if they aren’t helpful.  Yes, you’d get the dishes done faster without “help” from your kid.  But the Mayans always encourage their kids to help, find something the kids can do, and never force them to join in.