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How Do You Wake Up When You’ve Got Low Energy? Coffee, Walking . . . Or Slapping Yourself in the Face?

What do you do on days where you’ve got zero energy and you really need to wake up?  Like . . . maybe right now?

A new survey found we have at least two times every day where we need an energy boost.  The average times when they happen are 11:49 A.M. and 3:49 P.M.

So what do you do to wake yourself up?  The survey found the 20 most common things and the top 10 are:

Drink coffee . . . go for a walk . . . drink water . . . eat some chocolate . . . listen to music . . . open a window to get some air . . . roll down the window if you’re driving . . . eat candy . . . drink an energy drink . . . and eat an energy bar.

But I really like the stuff that finished lower on the list.  The 14th most common thing people do is jump up and down . . . the 16th most common is sing . . . and the 17th most common is SLAP THEMSELVES in the FACE.

(Daily Mirror)

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