’s Most Unusual Room Service Requests Include . . . Diet Water and Melted Ice Cream?

Are you someone who LOVES ordering room service while staying at a hotel?  Not for the price obviously.  Or the quality.  Just for the sheer convenience of it. released its first-ever “Room Service Report,” and it includes a list of the 10 most UNUSUAL room service requests.  They are:

1.  Diet water

2.  Melted ice cream

3.  Blowfish

4.  Boiled bottled water.  (There’s not trusting the water in an area . . . and REALLY not trusting the water.)

5.  A cooked fish that the guest brought with them.

6.  Cockle popcorn.  (Maybe blame TikTok for this.)

7.  No-egg-white omelet

8.  Rice bowl for a dog

9.  Bison

10.  Eggless eggs in hell.  (“Eggs in hell” is shakshuka.)