Here’s What to Do When a Red Light Never Turns Green

Have you ever been stuck at a red light that NEVER turns green?  We’re talking about the ones on sensors, not timers like normal.  It’s usually because the sensor doesn’t know you’re there.  And there are a few things you can do that might trigger it.  Here are the two things to try.  Unless the traffic light is just broken, one of them should work . . .

1.  Pull up a little.  That’s the obvious one, but here’s how it works:  Most traffic lights with sensors have wires buried in the pavement called “induction loops,” and you have to be right on top of them.  It’s also possible you pulled up too far.

Look for lines on the ground that are a different color than the pavement, usually darker.  There might be a box outline from where they buried the cables.

2.  Flash your high beams.  Some traffic signals have cameras or infrared sensors instead, and flashing your high beams can sometimes trigger those.

Look for something near the traffic light that looks like the type of security camera you’d see in a bank or a store.  Or sometimes they’re hanging in metal boxes above the roadway.