Here’s How to Stop Reaching for Your Phone as Soon as You Wake Up

Do you ever get stuck in bed in the morning mindlessly scrolling on your phone?

Here are four tips that could help break that habit . . .

1.  Use an alarm clock that isn’t your phone.  You’ll be WAY less tempted to start scrolling as soon as you wake up if you don’t use your phone as your alarm.

2.  Keep your phone in another room at night.  Or, at the very least, keep it on the other side of the room instead of on your nightstand.

3.  Start a different morning ritual.  Something like making yourself a cup of coffee or tea, writing in a journal, stretching, going outside, or cracking open a good book.

4.  Set up app restrictions for the early A.M. hours.  If you’re just not that confident in your own willpower, both Android and iPhones have settings you can set to limit access to certain apps at designated times each day.

(Huff Post)