Here’s How to Call Out Sick on Monday After St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is on Sunday.  And if you end up partying a little too hard and feel terrible on Monday morning, here are four tips on how to call out sick from work without raising too many eyebrows . . .

1.  Keep it brief.  Less is more here . . . tell your boss as little as possible without sounding evasive.  Giving a bunch of details isn’t really necessary, and the more specifics you add, the more suspicion it can cause.

2.  Acknowledge bad timing.  Your boss knows it’s a Monday . . . and the day after St. Patrick’s Day . . . so NOT mentioning it would be suspicious.  And unless you spent all week bragging about how wasted you’re going to get this weekend, you should be fine.

3.  Only tell people who need to know.  Follow your company’s policy, but generally you should only need to tell your boss and any coworkers who might be affected by your absence.

4.  Offer to do makeup work.  You might get stuck doing it, you might not.  But it’ll make you look better in the end.