Here Are the Top Ways We’re Dealing with the Heat Wave

When you ask this question in a heat wave, the results WILL be skewed.  But in general, what do you prefer . . . being too HOT, or too COLD?

53% of Americans say being too COLD is the better option.  32% would rather be too hot.  15% aren’t sure, or hate both equally.

The only way most of us could be too cold right now is if we’re blasting the A/C.  And a lot of us definitely are.

10% of people say they usually set the temperature below 65, including 3% who said in the 50s.  The #1 answer to that one was somewhere between 70 and 74.

So what else have you been doing to beat the heat this summer?  Here are the top answers from the poll . . .

1.  Drink more water.  68% of us have been.

2.  Wear lighter clothing or less of it, 54%.

3.  Keep your windows and doors closed to keep the hot air out, 52%.

4.  Avoid doing anything physical outdoors, 46%.

5.  Avoid hot drinks and hot food.  41% of us are opting for colder options.

6.  Plan to do stuff in the morning or evening instead of mid-day, 35%.

7.  Take a cold shower or bath.  24% of us have this summer.

8.  More swimming, or water-based activities.  14% are doing more of that.

9.  Buy a new fan or air conditioner.  13% of us have in the last month or so.