Happy Pi Day! Here’s the Pie Each State Googles More Than Other States

March 14th means it’s National Pi Day, as in the mathematical constant, 3.14.  A poll for it found only 66% of us know it’s the “ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.”

1% thought it was the “volume of water” (???) . . . and 7% thought it was the “mass of a pie,” spelled P-I-E.

Speaking of:  A bunch of places have pie deals today, including $3.14 PIZZA pies at 7-Eleven, and 31.4% off at Papa Murphy’s.

Google Trends posted the top pie each state googles more than other states.  They broke them down into five categories.  (Here’s the full map.)

1.  Chocolate or nut pies, four states.  Oreo pie in Georgia and Ohio . . . French silk pie in Iowa . . . and derby pie in Kentucky.  They’ll eat a lot of it in May around the Kentucky Derby.

2.  Fruit pies, six states.  Apple is #1 in California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming.  And raspberry pie is #1 in New York.

3.  Custard pies, 17 states.  Things like Boston cream, banana cream, and lemon meringue.  Kool-Aid Pie is the top search in Tennessee, and Virginia wants a slice of old-fashioned vinegar pie.

4.  Savory pies, 18 states.  Things like chicken pot pie in Texas and Alaska, and shepherd’s pie in Massachusetts.  A bunch of states in the western half of the U.S. are obsessed with Frito pie.  It’s more of a casserole than a “pie” . . . or sometimes it’s just a bag full of ingredients.

5.  “Other”.  Five states didn’t fit any of those categories:  Honey pie in Wisconsin . . . sugar pie in Michigan . . . ricotta pie in Connecticut . . . peanut butter cheese pie in Alabama . . . and fried pie in Arizona.

Fried pies are small enough to hold in your hand.  They’re more of a Southern thing.  So it’s not clear why Arizona loves them.  (Our guess:  There’s an Arizona pizza chain called “FIRED Pie” . . . and maybe people are just spelling it wrong.)

(National Today / The Pioneer Woman)