Google Is Deleting All Your “Incognito” Searches . . . Yeah, They’ve Been Tracking Those

If you’re with your husband right now, pay close attention to the look on his face when I say this next part . . .

Google just agreed to delete all the data they’ve been collecting from people’s “Incognito” searches in Chrome.  Yeah . . . they’ve been tracking all those.

Most people assume when they search for something in “Incognito” mode . . . usually PORN . . . that it’s confidential.  But all it really does is not add it to your computer’s search history.

A lawsuit filed in 2020 accused Google of misrepresenting the type of data it collects from those searches.  The lawsuit was settled late last year, but the details just came out in a court filing this week.

They agreed to delete “billions of data records” from people’s private browsing sessions.  The plaintiffs wanted $5 BILLION in damages too, but that didn’t happen.

Google is updating its disclosure forms, and allowing people to block third-party cookies in Incognito mode for the next five years.

They also won’t track how often you switch to Incognito from now on.  (So they won’t know you’re doing it three times a day anymore.)